Welcome to the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace!

On-demand Usage Based Licensing (UBL) is available for Deadline 10 and later. The feature will work with both on-premise and cloud-based render nodes alongside existing permanent and temporary licenses. On-demand licensing can be purchased from the Thinkbox Marketplace 24/7, with minutes consumed only while the Deadline Slave application is rendering.

On-demand licensing for Krakatoa, as well as third-party applications like 3ds Max, Maya, Arnold, NUKE, KATANA, Maxwell, Realflow, V-Ray, Redshift, and Yeti (with more to come in the future), can also be purchased from the Thinkbox Marketplace.

For more information, please visit the Usage Based Licensing page on the Deadline website.

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance: August 21 2018

This message is for AWS Thinkbox Deadline customers that are using Usage Based Licensing (UBL).

On August 21 2018, the Thinkbox Customer Portal will update the certificate that Deadline uses to connect to the Cloud License Server for UBL. This new certificate has been reissued through Digicert’s infrastructure to provide increased security. This certificate is included in Deadline and later, and will be installed automatically if you run the Client installer on your render nodes. If you are using UBL, we highly recommend you upgrade to Deadline

If you are on an older version of Deadline, or if you have upgraded to using the Automatic Upgrading process, you will need to manually update the certificate on your render nodes.

Please follow this guide to update your certificate to avoid any disruption in using UBL.

Please visit the Scheduled Maintenance page on the Deadline website for more information on upcoming and previous maintenance.