Marketplace is now Live!

May 31, 2016 Chris Bond

Thanks to everyone for testing the marketplace and our licensing infrastructure, and to our partners at The Foundry and Chaos Group for lending their free tools for May! The marketplace is now live with a variety of bundled hours from 'Testing' to 'Production' which should cover the needs of users both small and large. New products will be coming in the next few weeks and if you have any feedback, or wish to order traditional perpetual licenses, please email Thanks again!  

Deadline 8.0 Beta begins!

June 12, 2015 Ian Fraser

The Deadline 8.0 beta has started! Contact Thinkbox Sales to get access to the beta forum and get your Deadline on Demand™ testing credit. That's right, beta tester can apply for credit towards testing Deadline's new usage based based licensing . The credit can be used to purchase usage hours from Thinkbox on-line marketplace. More information is available on the dedicated Deadline On Demand™ page.